Yoga Nidra

Traditional Yoga Nidra योग निद्रा Yogic sleep

Yoga Nidra is a powerful and profound practice of guided deep relaxation. Anyone can do it. Yoga Nidra induces healing of the body, mind ,and spirit. Yoga Nidra rests, restores and renews. Yoga Nidra is an ancient form of meditation which helps cure chronic and acute physical, mental and emotional disorders. Yoga Nidra allows you to release unresolved unconscious issues that are playing an unwanted role in your daily life. Yoga Nidra is effective because it traces your consciousness to the subconscious where your Samskaras rest.Yoga Nidra is as refreshing as a full night of peaceful sleep. 


Yoga Nidra, means sleep with awareness.

This ancient form of conscious deep sleep allows the conscious mind to recede. In this state, you will melt into deep relaxation and mental calm.  Yoga Nidra restores, renews and rests the layers of the body and mind.  The natural healing wisdom of the body is awakened and illuminated.

As thoughts become silent we begin to witness them without attachment, this gradually allows unconscious impressions which are playing an unwanted role in our daily lives to be attenuated and released.

You will be guided to a place of supreme stillness, peace and insight. In this state of thought-free existence, you will experience the eternal aspect of your being, the luminous presence of who you are.

This simple yet profound technique is practiced lying down. Be sure to wear comfortable clothes and bring a towel or blanket to keep warm if desired. We will begin the session with a few gentle postures to align the energy of the body and will end the session with a soft integrative sound bath.

You will leave feeling deeply nourished and rested. Resonating with a more unified and expanded sense of reality. You will radiate with this higher awareness and liberation.

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