“I completed a two hundred hour teacher training program of Raja Yoga and Vedanta Philosophy. It was the best experience in my life. Samantha is extremely professional, helpful and funny. For me , in philosophy, she’s a real Master, she led me to the door and helped me to open it and let the light came in!This training changed my life”Reine El Hachem

MBA, Spa Director, Massage therapist

“I believe in signs. I believe in following my true calling, and the road led me to my favorite part on earth, the beach.The road also led ne to a voice that sounded like the waves. Or when you put a shell to your ear, that peacefulness you get. The road led me to samantha. A soul my soul was searching for. With her it was a journey 10000vyears back. beyond religions, beyond time and distance. beyond myself.With her it was a journey to the deepest core of myself. Samantha teacher training was an experience of a lifetime. The knowledge and philosophy that she shared with us was magically engrave in my heart and mind. Not a day passes without me relating back to her teachings. I ws blessed to have crossed paths with her and i wish the same for you” –Dana T -Poetess

“My Teacher training courses with Samantha were a never ending journey of self exploration with new discoveries daily of who we really are”
500hr Ryt, Reiki Master, Meditation & Sound Therapy master
“Samantha’s trainings and courses are like maps, manuals or recettes. You take them and then you have the know-how to navigate a little bit better in your body and in your life in general. Its an internal-life-changing experience. Samantha kindness and agelessness act unconsciously on the student.”-Brigitte Hage Chahine-Universite Sorbonne

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