18 hour Online immersion


Tend to the fire of your personal health vitality and professional path with this gentle entry level class suitable for all levels.

These Mystical centers of emotional transformation offer you the opportunity to get to know yourself and have the tools to transform yourself.


DO you want to get a better understanding of your emotions?

Gain insight and tools to navigate your life in an uplifting way.

To connect to resources that can support you.

TO expand your capacity to be with challenges and difficulty

Ignite your inner momentum of health, wellness & vitality.

This Healing Journey deep into the layers of the Self through the enchanting Tantric Template of the Chakras will provide students and teachers with a practical methodology for themselves and others.


8 classes for 2 weeks. (Monday-Thursday) From 6-8:15pm. (Beirut time)

Each class will be divided in 3 parts-

Philosophy/ Applied Practice / Q&A

PLUS a personal Sadhana (spiritual practice) for you to continue on your own. This is where you can test out the transformative power of the practice.

During the Duration of the course, Samantha will be available for personal reflections & questions which will likely be awoken due to the intense nature of the teachings.

In this course,we will explore the;

Deeper purpose of yoga and Healing through sacred knowledge

Some of the Subtle tools will include:

Philosophy of Tantra


Subtle body/Nervous System/Endocrine glands (insofar as their relationship to the Chakras)


Sound/Chanting/ Mantra as the ability to vibrate and call upon, blend with, each of the vibrational energy centers.

 Awaken your vital energy

Elements and their relationship to the Mind/Body/Chakras and how their understanding can be a foundational tool for nurture,healing and remembering.

Embodiment practices

Self care/self regulation



The microcosm/ macrocosm


Holding space

Chakra meditations based on mantra mudra

Explore the science and psycho somatic understanding

Practical self-exploration

Chakra meditations based on mantra mudra

group consciousness


Subtle body/Mind/Body relationship



A few things some of you have asked (of course more detail in the course)
What is Kundalini?

Kundalini is a latent energy present in everyone. Kundalini means coiled.This energy rests coiled the base of the spine and is rarely awakened. Therefore, energetically we do not live/access our full potential.

(You could say that it is the energy body which lies beneath the physical body and therefore if the energy body is healthy, so would then be the physical body. When we speak the chakras, we would be correlating to the endocrine glands and their ability to regulated affect organs.)

Kundalini Yoga is a method of Yoga which focuses primarily on the endocrine glands, therefore the chakras. It raises the energy into the emotional centers bringing things into the light, increasing our vitality and much more. 

What is a Chakra?

A chakra is a spinning vortex energy. It can be seen as having a high emotional result or low emotional result,depending on the energy present within and around it.Each chakra is pregnant with various unique emotions. By learning to work with these centers in the various ways we will touch upon during the course, you will be able to transform energy=change the way you feel.

These emotions/chakras are ignited by the various elements. This interaction gives rise to certain desires or feelings.

Even with a basic understanding the chakras, we can get a much better understanding of our emotions. We can gain insight into our behaviors, our patterns, our triggers which lie in the subconscious realm. The charas provide us with portal into this mysterious world.

We can also get a much better understanding of who we are and why we are, and then have a choice of leaving certain things behind and cultivating others.

In this course, this vast topic will be presented  in a way which will leave you with the tools and understanding how to navigate your emotional awareness in ways which make you feel empowered. It will also open doorways of deep inner healing and clarity which will allow you to feel more free, light, and compassionate towards yourself. 

Lastly, this understanding will provide you with more clarity in your current decision-making abilities.

Each Module will include a basic understanding of the Chakra. Its manifestation in you, its presence, its shadow.

How to feel it. How to read it.

Practices to ignite its higher vibration. 

Module 1

Muladhara Chakra

Physical Manifestations of the underlying energetic resonance and emotional output 

Physical/Energy body relationship

Elemetal Relationship

Tantric Template

Module 2-

Svadhisthana Chakra

Module 3-

Manipura Chakra

Module 4

Anahata Chakra

Module 5

Vishuddhi Chakra

Module 6

Anja Chakra

Module 7

Sahasrara Chakra

Module 8



Important to mention-This Kundalini Course is not restricted to the Yogi Bhajan method. His method will be enjoyed but not limited to . We will go beyond his teachings to the Tantras and have a multi lineage understanding.


March 29 th -April 8 2021

800,000 Lebanese Lira or 190$

8 classes over 2 weeks. Four days each week. Monday to Thursday from 6-8:15pm. 





The Art of Meditation Course


Become a leader in the mindfulness movement.

Uncover your true calling

1. Lay the foundation

Discover the most important teachings you’ll need to know to share meditation with others and enjoy it yourself.

2.Clear the path

Understand who you are and what you are in order to embrace and connect with a meaningful meditation practice.

3.Start your journey

Receive your step by step guide to making a difference in the way that you meditate.

A unique opportunity to immerse yourself in living Yoga. 


This course was developed to help you understand meditation and experience its blossoming benefits. To provide you with the knowledge and understanding of how to integrate meditation into your daily life in a natural and organic way & to be able to share the magic of this practice with others. This course is for teachers aspiring to have more ease in transmitting this practice as well as for the aspiring practitioner aiming to take their practice to the next level.

Meditation has always been central to all spiritual practices and its benefits have always been known to yogis.  Yet many of us still struggle the “how to”. Lacking the tools and the dedication necessary to integrate a regular meditation practice into our lives, thus leaving us without the nectar of yoga. Learning to meditate allows our asana practice to evolve and grow. It makes our lives happier and more fulfilling. Meditation is what allows us to align to our true purpose with insightful living.

 Learning meditation is about coming home. To that silent blissful center of yourself and to live from there. In the state of meditation, self-realization spontaneously unfolds as well as clarity in your life.

Meditation comes naturally when the eight limbs of the Raja Yoga system are thriving and harmonious.

They provide a solid landscape for our understanding of meditation. Each of the below topics will be viewed in clear relevance to meditation with a unique present day understanding which Samantha is known very well for. Bringing these ancient concepts into life in a meaningful way in your daily living. You will gain a warmer, intimate, rich and functional understanding of how they can continue to enlighten your path of continued flourishing and self-realization.

In order to explore and understand meditation itself, we must have a basic understanding of the Self.

Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self
-Baghavad Gita

…and that is how we will travel. Starting at the beginning with the ancient philosophical inquiry into the self, The Tantric and Vedantic understanding of the Self. To understand meditator and meditation.

Who am I? What am I?

Why is meditation important for my overall health. How does meditation play a key role in my discovery my purposeful living (dharma)?

What is meditation and how to approach the practice.

We will spend some time in an interactive way, discussing the following:

The physical body

The Subtle body.

The mind 

Deep relaxation


You will leave with confidence and all the necessary Basic skills needed to practice and teach the Art of Meditation in a transformative and inspiring way.This multi lineage course will explore in-depth Various schools and styles of meditation based on ancient Tantra and VedantaPhilosophies, allowing you the opportunity to fine tune your method to your individual lifestyle and temperament.

Each student will have guidance and support to find and enjoy his/her own style of meditation according to her unique personality.






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