Become a leader in the mindfulness movement.

Uncover your true calling

1. Lay the foundation

Discover the most important teachings you’ll need to know to share meditation with others.

2.Clear the path

Learn how you can avoid the most common mistakes people make on their spiritual journey.

3.Share your gift

Receive your step by step guide to making a difference in the world by becoming a meditation teacher.


A unique opportunity to immerse yourself in living Yoga. Ancient philosophies of Yoga and Vedanta are taught in modern ways over enough time to allow you to find and follow your path in freedom while the true nature of the Self reveals itself to you.

The Art of Meditation-30hr One Yoga Academy & Canadian Yoga Alliance Certified

This course was developed to help you understand meditation and experience its blossoming benefits. To provide you with the knowledge and understanding of how to integrate meditation into your daily life in a natural and organic way & to be able to share the magic of this practice with others. This course is for teachers aspiring to have more ease in transmitting this practice as well as for the aspiring practitioner aiming to take their practice to the next level.

Meditation has always been central to all spiritual practices and its benefits have always been known to yogis.  Yet many of us still struggle the “how to”. Lacking the tools and the dedication necessary to integrate a regular meditation practice into our lives, thus leaving us without the nectar of yoga. Learning to meditate allows our asana practice to evolve and grow. It makes our lives happier and more fulfilling. Meditation is what allows us to align to our true purpose with insightful living.

 Learning meditation is about coming home. To that silent blissful center of yourself and to live from there. In the state of meditation, self-realization spontaneously unfolds as well as clarity in your life.

Meditation comes naturally when the eight limbs of the Raja Yoga system are thriving and harmonious.

They provide a solid landscape for our understanding of meditation. Each of the below topics will be viewed in clear relevance to meditation with a unique present day understanding which Samantha is known very well for. Bringing these ancient concepts into life in a meaningful way in your daily living. You will gain a warmer, intimate, rich and functional understanding of how they can continue to enlighten your path of continued flourishing and self-realization.

In order to explore and understand meditation itself, we must have a basic understanding of the Self.

Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self
-Baghavad Gita

…and that is how we will travel. Starting at the beginning with the ancient philosophical inquiry into the self, The Tantric and Vedantic understanding of the Self. To understand meditator and meditation.

Who am I? WWhat am I?

Why is meditation important for my overall health. How does meditation play a key role in my discovery my purposeful living (dharma)?

What is meditation and how to approach the practice.

We will spend some time in an interactive way, discussing the following:

The physical body

The Subtle body.

The mind 

Deep relaxation

You will leave with confidence and all the necessary Basic skills needed to practice and teach the Art of Meditation in a transformative and inspiring way.This multi lineage course will explore in-depth Various schools and styles of meditation based on ancient Tantra and Vedanta, allowing you the opportunity to fine tune your method to your individual lifestyle and temperament.

Each student will have guidance and support to find and enjoy his/her own style of meditation according to her unique personality.

Become a leader in the mindfulness movement.

There will be 6 hours of pre-course work, starting with a small introductory-interactive video, then a few reflective questions which Samantha will carefully go over prior to the beginning of the course.

The remaining 24hours will be divided into theory and practice.

8 hours/day including much opportunity for sharing. Several pre/during course documents will be shared via computer. We hope to use as little paper as possible so each student should have access to their computer or similar notepad.




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