“Shakti, the Dance of Spirit ” -The Art of Meditative Movement-

From the great rivers of Tantra, the breath becomes a portal to our inner experiences.

This powerful practice combines mantra, mudra deep & heart based flows to liberate the physical body & allow space for a deep surrender to the sweetness and stillness of the ever present moment and the feeling of the Self, beyond the physical. An alchemy of the elements transforms stiffness into fluidity, density is replaced with shimmering energy.  The landscape of the body is refined, liberated and illuminated from within.

Tuning into the ebb and flow of breath, melting into the mandala of infinity, evolve, transform and heal & feel. Spontaeneous consciousness in movement which emanates from within.Through the dance of Shakti and the alchemy of these elements, your own blissful nature will unfold & bloom.

Class ends with a deep relaxation, sound bath and guided meditation.

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