Sankalpa ~ Seeds of dharma

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Sankalpa is an idea formed in the heart. Within our heart lies our true dharma. Or the reason we are here. Yoga is about union.If your life is aligned with purpose, there will be more ease in the mind and body. Some people are born with a clear sense of purpose, for others it isn’t so clear. Sometimes our desires on the way out of the heart become mixed and muddled and we are unable to connect with our deeper purpose. This is common. We have fleeting desires stemming from peripheral factors and misconceptions and we have our deeper desires which are linked to our life’s purpose. When we have an understanding of this there is less suffering. we are more able to trust in the bigger picture of life.

In order to discover your Sankalpa,you must be willing to hear. Sometimes an apparent loss is actually a message from the universe. Because we are all “being”and “becoming” simultaneously, its important to remember to begin with an understanding that you are a spark of divine presence on this earth. You actually already “are”everything you wish to be.You just may have to do a bit of accepting and tweaking.Your heartfelt desire is already present .You were born with it.

Once you can feel and and grasp what is the heartfelt longing behind a particular desire, you can form your Sankalpa in the present tense. This assumes there is nothing you are lacking. You already are everything you need to channel your divine energy within in order to be guided by your true nature to make the right choices in your life.

If your desire is be less agitated and angry, you can have a Sankalpa such as “ Peace and ease are my natural state”. If for example you are going through a period of your life where your are being faced with confusing choices, you can say “my life is falling into place as its meant to be”.

Those are examples , it is up to you to go behind , within ,listen and feel.

One of the best ways to practice your sankalpa and slowly have all the aspects of your life align with your dharma is the practice of Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra systematically relaxes the body and mind and guides us into deep awareness. The confusion between prakriti and purusha dissolve. You become one with nature,peace and wisdom. In this state , the seeds of desires planted are deeper and have a better chance of taking root.

With this I offer you a very short yet effective practice you can listen to at any time of the day or nite.

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