Mother Nature

Mother Nature

Power of Mother Nature

As women we pass through several phases during our lives.

Women can be nurturing and are very closely tied to the rhythms of Mother Nature.We are all children of the universe and are all presented with many opportunities to be mothering. If not to our own children then to people around us.

Being a mother is about giving from the heart in a way that is fulfilling. Without expectations. When you have children you put their needs before your own. Before your time, your desires, your hopes ,your dreams and your ambitions. This often can be challenging because sometimes we have other things we would like to do or some other place we would rather be.

Preserving your own sense of self even when you have to put yourself aside.

It becomes a very complex balancing act . We know that we only have one chance, one moment ,to be a mother. That time goes by fast and that we want to live in a way that we do not have regrets in our choices and actions.


If we can learn to tap into our innate wisdom,this will connect us to the powers of Mother nature. We will have the courage to do as we are prompted to do and her rivers of strength will flow through us. We will be able to dance gracefully even when it is someone elses’ beat!

Yoga practice can help us preserve that bliss, balance and ease we were able to access so easily before our time of mothering.

Yoga practice will help to support the physical aspects of your body to help build strength and stamina so you can adapt to these transitions more easily.

Yoga will awaken our awareness and set you free from old ideas that no longer support you.It will help tap into the spontaneous freedom necessary to connect to your heart center.

Allow yourself to be healed by the abundance of Mother Nature. Her tastes,smells,views and sounds. We can draw upon her wisdom to connect to the mother in all of us and flow with life that syncopates with the universe. In this way we will be transcend giving and embody the love and spirit of mothering. Live. From your heart. Embrace the child in others and in ourselves.


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