“You have no resistance against this sound. It is the master sound, the adi naad. Everything you think becomes zero—the gong prevails.” –Yogi Bhajan

Samantha has long used the gong as a source of inspiration and healing. Infused with North American Shamanic traditions and Kundalini yoga , the sound of the Gong evokes not so much a heard but rather a felt sound experience. Its vibrations can penetrate your entire body-mind structure down to the cells on a somatic level and onto the level of subtle unconscious thought patterns on the energetic/mental level. Like purifying water the vibrations of the Gong can wash through your entire system and cleanse out stress, soothe physical complaints and support psychological transformation processes. It brings us in contact with the most primal force of this universe: sound.

A gong bath performed in this way washes through your entire system. The vibrations re-pattern your magnetic field, open you to the vastness of your entire psyche and release you from negative thought patterns and memories which prevent you from living a life of joy and freedom.

You will be led through a short set of Kriyas before settling into the sacred space of Gong.

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