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“Yoga is the cessation of mental fragmentation”
-Patanjali 1.1-1.4

Class Schedule

Come to class with an empty stomach, bare feet and an open mind!

Edde Sands – Jbeil Thurs 9:00 a.m

Las Salinas Spa 5 -Anfeh Wednesday 11:30

Safadi Center Tripoli –  Thursday  5:00 

Body Balance Koura- Tuesday 6:00

Montreal summer 2018: info coming soon!

Samantha is an artist. Her yoga classes are a creative offering. Weaving her way through yogas’ highly evolved techniques , classes become a sacred dance of spirit . Playing with the body as a portal,intuitively explored,liberated and illuminated from within. From flowing Vinyasas to deep Yin flavors with hints of kriyas and dance.Drawing from her repertoire to bring people to a deeper understanding of themselves and their place in the universe. Cultivating the alchemy of the ebb and flow of inner breath, allowing conscious memories of physical boundaries ,limitations to melt away in the opening and reaching of the body and focus of the mind.Classes always end with a deep relaxation where physical,mental and emotional stress dissolve into feelings of pure bliss.

 As a teacher she is a deeply nurturing and intuitive guide. Becoming a channel led by her intention of love & healing.


-yoga philosophy



      -Sound healing & Quantum touch
           -meditation/ deep relaxation/yoga nidra

There are no pre-requisites. Everyone is welcome. Yoga is for everybody. Yoga can be practiced by people of any age, any shape, size, and strength. Yoga will increase flexibility, make you stronger and help you stay in shape, but these are results of the class not pre requisites.

 We access the spirit through the body. Heal the spirit, heal the body.

People often ask what type or style of yoga I teach. All yoga leads back to one Source. Yoga means Unity. I try to eliminate separations of any sort. Whether they be within the yoga framework or within the self. As a teacher it is my job to unite each student to the depths of themselves where they will experience peace, wholeness and be on the road to healing. I must have the freedom to dance around and within many styles to achieve this. Nourished by my own studies and practice, this becomes my repertoire from which I welcome students of all levels and traditions into the same class. Each student is brought into an atmosphere where they will learn to play the edge of their body.Making the experience unique and tailored to their own abilities.

Stress management is the key to health, not only for the individual but also for humanity as a whole. Stress affects every aspect of life – physical, mental, social and overall well being. It disrupts natural healing processes and wears down the energy and vitality of the human body. Through the calming and renewing practice of yoga, and particularly the One Yoga Method, the detrimental effect of stress on our well being is lessened.

Our class not just about the poses (Asanas). Complete focus on a pose or your breath is advanced Yoga, no matter how flexible you are, and even the most complex pose is beginner’s Yoga if your mind is elsewhere. The method is scientific. Just as science requires empirical (sensory) proof, your experience is the ultimate judge of whether Yoga in general – or this style – is ‘working’ for you. Initially, you will learn to observe your body and busy mind. Eventually you learn to tame and focus the mind. You will also experience deep relaxation and relief from daily stress.

The body is seen as a manifestation within which a symphony of energies and functions express a desire to live. We move within the great rivers of possibilities offered by yoga philosophy and asana. The body becomes a means to an end. Holding our awareness in synchronicity with physicality opens doors to the intricacy of finding and exploring the edges our own flexibility and strength uninhibited by the past and our conditioning. Riding the breath,liberationg the body, the alchemy of combinations, becomes the portal to experiencing the deeper awareness of the Self.

Practicing this One Yoga method, students will notice immediate improvements in flexibility, strength, and the ability to concentrate, relax, and deal with stress. Over time, you will experience more clarity in decision making and more feelings of ease and wellness.

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