Secrets of Tibetan Tantra & Gong Tsa Lung

advanced practice

Born of the Tibetan Tantric Tradition, age old secrets of rejuvenation and healing give way to this transformative workshop.

You will be guided through an array of postures, movements and breath work clearing the inner nadis and supporting the body’s innate healing wisdom.

As body mind and spirit fuse , we can more easily let go of things we don’t need so that the light of the sacred self can shine. This workshop is both profound and challenging on a physical and emotional level.

We will close with a healing sounds gong bath   where available , using sound to integrate and harmonize so that absorption can take place. Or deepen the connection with a Yoga Nidra to allow the elements to flourish. You will leave feeling , refreshed , cleansed, vitalized and at peace.

Due to the more advanced breathwork and bandha present in this workshop, this workshop is for advanced practitioners .


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