Samantha, artist, yogini, and mother of four.

Samantha is the founder and director of One Yoga Academy.
Inspiring a profound dedication to living yoga. Offering an array of courses created to ignite our deepest knowing.
Traditional wisdom provides the framework to help others live the life of their dreams, promoting creativity and freedom both on and off the mat.

Over twenty years of dedicated discipleship & passion, she brings this wisdom into her life and her teachings.

   Classes are a creative offering. With the ebb and flow of breath as a guiding force, they become a dance of spirit where the landscape of the body is refined, liberated and illuminated from within. The alchemy of
the elements combined with sound healing and visualization transform and align the body with the bigger flow of the universe. Effortlessly melting into peace and bliss.

   As a teacher, she merges her artistic freedom, compassion, and years of discipleship to help you find your life path. The yoga philosophy provides the framework for this, and One Yoga will nurture and guide you as you discover and strengthen your own unique yoga journey, gaining the courage to follow your dreams.

   Samantha was first introduced to yoga by her mother and began practicing yoga and meditation in her late teens. Many gurus of the past and present shine light along her path. Her study is one rooted deeply in traditions of yoga, while being true to many streams of influence. She is an avid practitioner who respects the core technique of the Krishnamacharya lineage and the expression of the body as a pathway to the divine.

   Ongoing studies in Vedanta philosophy, Tantra, Kundalini, Bhakti, Tao Shiatsu, Sound healing and Shamanism are always opening new possibilities for her to reach past the apparent differences and to the center of unity. 

    Her journey through injury, healing, and motherhood has allowed her to value yoga as an eight-petaled lotus as well as sacred earth based teachings from various traditions, serve to fuel her path.

   From the scriptures to the yoga mat, Samantha’s creativity, joy and devotion can be seen reflected in her trainings, teaching and life.

   As a teacher, she strongly relies on her own practice, intuition, philosophy, and spirituality as influences. She intuitively fuses her knowledge of the past to innovatively and spontaneously illuminate her present. Known for her ability to transmit inner experience through transformative practices and contemplation, her teaching is about giving—giving people a taste of their true self.

    A student of both Eastern and Western philosophy, she incorporates various traditions into her class, while always being true to traditional wisdom.

   In addition to yoga, she holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) from France and works as a painter and sculptor. 

   This artistic ability is part of what makes her workshops and classes unique. She is an innovator. Her works—such as Chakra Cleanse, Yoga Nidra, Tibetan Tantra, and Gong Bath—are some of her many ideas that are being widely used and adapted for their healing and transformative abilities.

   Yoga means to unite. One Yoga is about merging the wisdom of yoga into your life. One Yoga is not about separating yoga from life. You don’t need to move away from people or away from a city or away from people to learn yoga. In many ways, that is the opposite of yoga. Part of this journey will be learning to become comfortable in postures that you once believed were difficult. A bigger part of it is learning how to breathe calmly in the face of adversity, how to make the right decisions when those around you are being chaotic, and how to access your inner wisdom. Since everyone’s life is different, the way each individual brings the wisdom of yoga into their lives will be unique. The yogic wisdom provides a framework, and One Yoga teachers help you apply the framework to your life.

 One Yoga Academy:

  • A comprehensive yoga teacher training program providing internationally recognized certification.
  • A training center inspiring many to find their own true dharma.
  • A revolutionary approach to the ancient teachings of Tantra and Vedanta philosophy not limited to yoga teachers.
  • Made accessible to everyone in the modern world. These courses guide people to connect with their hearts, bodies, and minds, to live all aspects in alignment with their dreams. A global vision of yoga and its ancient philosophy on and off the mat.
  • with many of the spiritual influencers being primarily male, Samantha has always craved for a more earth based understanding of spirituality. Embodiment comes naturally to women and when we truly embrace that we become whole, grounded and aligned to a lineage of love and wisdom.

Alongside the Canadian Yoga Alliance, One Yoga offers a 200-Hour Training, an Advanced 500-Hour Training, and Prenatal Yoga Training.

Samantha was born in Montreal and now lives in Lebanon. She holds yoga workshops and classes internationally.


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